Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Void...

There’s a space on my corkboard, between the “Jimmy Carter for President” button and the Godiva Chocolate ribbon coups, above the dozen or so snapshots of dead friends, kids now grown and libérer des femmes posed in cocktail party toasts. In the void there used to be a slogan button. “You can change the world.”

Don’t remember why I took it down. I can’t put my finger on where or when it went or just why I don’t believe so hard anymore.

Maybe reality hit me in the head one too many times. (Yes, I take medication for that).

Maybe the world really changed that much.

Maybe it’s just because, as a working journalist, I never took time to see if my efforts took roots. It was all effort in those days. Do what you can, then jump to the next push and hope something worked.

Or maybe it’s because I’m just aging and tired, a true old broad.

No matter why, for a time now, I’ve tried just flowing in the lull in my life. But old demons haunt.

That, and a better mind than mine, led me here. So, for what it's worth, and without looking back, I'm sharing.


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