Sunday, June 01, 2008

Act in haste, regret...

Excuse me if I'm dense, but isn't counting super delegates before the convention on-point to polling a jury mid deliberation?

I know the media wants it over, I know Obama wants it over. However, in 12 years of covering trials, both criminal and civil, I've known lots of prosecutors, and sometimes defendants, who wanted cases decided prematurely. And some of them would have been a lot better off if they had.

Wasn't the super delegate system set up to act only if there was a change of direction between the last primary and the convention? Or to act as a jury in a deadlocked tie after each candidate presented his or her entire case?

Are Democrats forgetting a rush to judgment that cost Al Gore that big desk in the oval office? Maybe then he could have prevented "decider" from entering our vocabularies.

The media wants us to think the super delegates are just another voting block. They also want us to think those who say they have committed to either candidate (Obama) not long ago said the same about Clinton. Many super delegates want us to believe they are the "deciders." Gives them more cache. And higher profiles.

I seem to be beating on "the media" incessantly. But they seem to have forgotten their mission is to report the news. Yes, that most times involves interpreting. But not to the point of distortion.

My tolerance level for bullshit and being patronized gets lower everyday.


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