Saturday, November 18, 2006

Power shopping

I spent an hour and a half in Marshall's tonight. Waded through racks of misplaced items. Got dirty, sweaty and frustrated. Got sniped at by a scruffy teen aged stock boy. Waited 10 minutes at the register (after waiting 15 to get there) for a price check on a $16 tee shirt. Spent some money. Got one thing I went in for.
Walked in Dillard's 15 minutes before closing. Threw the right pair of shoes, in the right size, on sale, to DH to pay for. Rode the escalator upstairs. Two women asked me specific questions; the three of us found everything I needed, all but one item on sale (I swear, at I wasn't looking at the tags). Spent $250 for seven items. Saleswomen were pleasant, carefully covered my clothes on the hangers, smiled as we left and said, "have a nice evening."
Tell me why again that I shop at discount stores?


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