Friday, April 25, 2008

This week's out-of-touch award

Brian Williams on NBC evening news tonight, did his "our favorite story" on a new AT&T policy.
With evident mirth, he reported that the cell phone giant will be levying a $2 fee for payments in person ~ charging for a customer service agent to take the payment.

Evidently no one of the high paid news crew or anchors gave a thought to who pays in person, and usually with cash.

Duh, poor people. People without a checking account (or one that is so low that checks clearing can be a crap shoot), and/or with no credit card.

Guess it never crossed his mind poor people need to reach out an touch someone. Cell phones can be cheaper than land lines and there is the added benefit that collection agencies that already plague a lot of these people's lives can't easily get the numbers. Yet anyway.

Adding another $2 charge to these people's swiftly depleting resources is criminal, not comedy relief for an evening newscast.

Shame, shame Williams.

More shameful is we rely on the fourth estate to be credible, rely on Williams and the rest of NBCs news staff to tell us whether Obama is really out of touch. And their basis for judging that is what?